Mission and Vision

The owner of this website is also a Sarafa businessman and he was also facing various problems in his business due to lack of digitalization in this sector so he decided to launch this project and successfully launched it.

Our vision is to make INDIA'S 1ST SARAFA TECH PORTAL where a Sarafa businessman can find solution related to his business problems for which we have a motto “Solution Of All Sarafa Related Problem at one Place” and we also have a vision to build India’s largest Sarafa committee, by uniting all small and large Sarafa communities in India for which we have a motto of “One country, One Sarafa Bazaar, One Sarafa Committee”

Our Mission is to Provide the cost-effective or even free of charge online and offline services to small and large Sarafa businessman in India to eliminate the fear of digital and non-digital technologies from Sarafa related peoples.